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Welcome to "Philly Fortune Talks," the podcast where Philadelphia's top entrepreneurs and business leaders share their journeys, insights, and the secrets to their success.

Hosted by Jake Penny, this platform is dedicated to inspiring and enlightening our audience with stories of determination, innovation, and leadership directly from the movers and shakers of the business world.

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  • Local Impact: Get exposure to a wide group of local movers and shakers in the Philadelphia area

  • Easy & Conversational: Enjoy a relaxed, conversational interview style that makes sharing your story feel natural and easy.

  • Convenient & Efficient: Participate in a short and sweet 15-20 minute interview from the comfort of your office or home via Zoom.

  • Friendly Environment: Don't worry if you're new to podcasting! Many of our guests are first-timers, and they often find the experience enjoyable and fulfilling.

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